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           The Pantry Meat Department

The guys in The Pantry meat & seafood department.  Jerry & the boys (no - not the Grateful Dead) Miguel, Carlos & Bert are putting together some specialty oven/grill ready products to ease the time constraints of getting dinner together.  Whether you need a half dozen ready to go meatballs or a tied up filet mignon, they are your prep team.  

Jerry's team will be happy to provide custom cuts or fabricate to your spec. pretty much anything you need.



A video short of some of the many foods you will find every day being freshly prepared just for you.



Bizz Buzz visits the bakery at The Pantry - watch closely you can almost see a smile from Andy @ the end of video :)


Paul chats with Heather from Bizz Buzz T.V. before the holidays 2012…   

Paul talks with Brianna about the upcoming Memorial day weekend and an unprecedented 6 First Place awards…

Paul chows a lobster roll with Brianna, - damn this guy is always with the ladies...